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Sustainability: Organic Matter….Matters!

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

What is organic matter?  Most of us generate a lot of it when we prepare food or have leftover banana peels, but we don’t think much about it.  At DGS, students learn that all organic matter is a resource since it eventually turns back into soil given the right conditions (not a landfill).  

This week, students evaluated all the types of organic matter that DGS generates.  This list included: chicken waste, waste from the fish in our aquaponics system, food scraps, plant material from gardening, and human.  Besides human waste, we have systems in place to handle all of the organic matter that is created by students and our animals.  

Our chicken manure is composted, fish waste recycled by plants, worms consume our food waste, and plant material is composted, so nothing goes to waste (the land fill)!  Students are responsible for managing these systems we have in place.  

This week students learned how to independently take of each system so Davidson Green School turns all organic matter “waste” into a resource!  Why would anyone throw away a resource?

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