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Our Week In Review (1/14 - 1/17)

This week we continued our investigation of agriculture and ancient civilizations. We learned about the evolution of early agriculture across the globe, including the types of crops that were cultivated and the domestication of animals. We are analyzing collective learning as it relates to early farming and the domestication of animals. We are also thinking about modern agriculture as it relates to sustainability, over population, and climate change. Students continued to present and learn about unit specific vocabulary.

In ELA we are continuing our expositional writing unit. Together we read and annotated an informational writing mentor text. Students viewed and took notes on informational videos on different topics related to ancient civilizations. They then worked in small groups to share notes and clarify/extend information. As a class, we reviewed how to structure an outline for a multi-paragraph essay. The students returned to their groups to structure an outline based on their video notes. Next week they will choose a topic for their own multi-paragraph informative essay and begin writing.

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