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Primary's trip into December

This morning we took a walk in the woods and observed the difference between coniferous and decidious trees. We also noted the stillness in our environment right now.

The children are working hard despite the over excitement and over stimulation that surrounds us this month with the approaching holidays. We are trying to keep these as normal as possible and focusing on how winter holidays are celebrated around the world!

Flower arranging was introduced this week and Polishing work.

Developmental Aim of Polishing:

Develop a sense of order, concentration, independence, coordinatio , esthetic appeal, judgement, preparation for writing.

Practical Aim:

Learning to use a polishing cloth, polish a menorah etc.

Developmental Aim of Flower Arranging:

Develop a sense of order, independence, concentration, self-confidence, esthetic appreciation, ability to make judgements, eye-hand and small muscle coordination.

Practical Aim:

Learning to cut and arrange flowers and caringbfor the environment.


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