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Sweet Sorrow

It's that part of a cycle -  an ending to what has been. And the anticipation of what sweetness is yet before us, in the next turn of the wheel.

It has been my delight and honor to guide and work with your children this year in Sustainability. Exploring, questioning, and re-envisioning our place(s) in our first home, in Nature, has been my overarching goal. We've had quiet moments, creative bursts, frustration, empowerment, science connections, delight, and lots of dirty hands along the way. 

I will surely miss your amazing children. They are great teachers. 😊 I'm leaving with a full heart and I hope they are as well. 

I couldn't end this message in any better way than to share with you this poem, written yesterday by August (LE), and shared with me. It's a multi-stanza haiku (haiku are a love of mine).  

The cycle continues. 

💚 Ms. Paula 

In the Forest 

by August Gregory

The plants are growing,

The rivers are flowing strongly,

The birds are singing.

Ivy is growing large,

The distance harbors a sound,

A tree is falling down.

A hawk is dining,

A squirrel is hiding acorns,

A fisher gets a catch.

Crawdads pinch at worms,

Fish swim against the current,

Sunflowers converse. 

The sun radiates,

The plants smile big smiles,

A new sapling shows. 




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1 Comment

Heidi Kelly
Heidi Kelly
Jun 08, 2023

What an amazing farewell. Words cannot express how deeply you will be missed here.

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