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The Art of Knowing

Sustainability. It is something that is always evolving. It is something that requires effort.

That's why over the past few weeks students have engaged in conversations about what it means to care for something. This led us to discussions about taking care of ourselves, other people, our possessions, and the natural world around us.

We came to the conclusion that to care for something well, you must first know it. You must have some connection and relationship to it. This could mean many different things for each person, and that is the beauty in it. No connection has to be the same or mean the same. What is important is that there is a connection.

For lower elementary, we spent time looking at our connection to honeybees through readings and observation of our own DGS bees. Students learned unique facts about bees, one being that they are responsible for 1/3 of the world's food supply. We talked about how we have such strong relationship with honeybees, and how we also have a role to play in the relationship. Students talked about ways we can care for bees and their habitats to make sure they have what they need to continue doing what they do best. They also heard some not so funny bee jokes from me. Ask if they remember any!

Upper elementary spent some time learning from Ms. Kathleen about our local Davidson Farmers Market and what it means to be a vendor and why it is important. Through the farmers market, students learn valuable life skills and what it means to be able to produce instead of consume.

Of course, students learned about making our signature DGS products and even tested some. They confirmed that our products are fabulous!

Middle school began their multi-week investigation about our DGS property. As mentioned earlier, we want to care for our environment, so we must first know it. Students practiced using field guides and worked on identifying tree and shrub species on the property and over the next few weeks will be creating their very own DGS field guide. Students will spend time researching past and present uses of the species as well as many other interesting facts so we can have a deeper understanding and connection to our environment.

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