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The Power of Pause

This week‘s theme in mindfulness was to pause.  I don’t think there could be a more profound practice.

How do our children learn this?  

  • By watching the adults around them pause

  • By being gently guided to pause

  • It can even be helpful for adults to narrate the pause to highlight that it is intentional

Through these steps... they experience what pausing is by seeing it, hearing it, and feeling it.

This week, our teachers created conditions to pause.  Our world has become so fast-paced that it has become necessary to seek moments to intentionally pause or put on the breaks.  We need this micro-moment of restoration, refocus, allowing the moment to be just what it is, and seeing what the next moment offers. We will continue this powerful lesson throughout the year.

Example of a well placed pause…

  • Pause before we speak

  • Pause before we eat

  • Pause before we take action to see if it’s the right action.

Again, the pause could be one of the most profound teachings we can offer our children - changing how they navigate the world as adults.

Give it a try at home! 

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