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Upper El, 10/26-10/30... Wild Weather and Witches!

We had such a fun week. The class worked hard to publish their second personal narratives and to wrap up their first round of literature circles! On Monday, students will begin composing letters to their pen-pals from Maine! We were all so excited for Friday's festivities, and I always think the students enjoy themselves even more when it's a party that they've planned. Our trail mix was a hit (thanks for sending in the ingredients) and watching "The Witches" was a spooky fun time!

Thanks for your flexibility this week, families, as we had a remote day due to some wild weather! Our class has become more comfortable with our remote learning days, and all are able to navigate Google Meet and Google Classroom sufficiently! While it's always our preference to be together in person, your super-capable upper elementary children have shown that they can navigate a day of remote learning really well.

Tomorrow, we'll head out on our first walking field trip of the year. It'll be an especially good morning to move our bodies, considering the brisk morning weather that is expected! Speaking of cold weather, please review Ms. Kathleen's email with attire recommendations as we head into the winter.

Check out this week's newsletter below!

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