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Welcome Back from Winter Break

"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation." -Paul Theroux

I sincerely hope you all had a restful winter break.

Last week, Upper Elementary spent some time settling into the winter season. They considered what that looks like for us as individuals and the world around us, while also dreaming of the months to come. Each student was asked to come up with some things they would like to learn, read, try and do in the coming year.

As you have all seen, we have four amazing garden beds that are waiting for our love and care. Upper Elementary found a garden bed and decided to ground themselves in the very soil that they will soon be tending. They envisioned what the bed would look like and what goodies would grow there in the months and years to come.

I encouraged them to dream big for their group's garden. They brainstormed things they enjoy eating out of a garden and what they would like to grow. Over the next few weeks we will explore how to prepare our garden, decide what to grow based on season and location, and what the soil needs to be successful, as well as many other topics.

Middle School sustainability is changing it up and I am super excited! Ms. Patricia and I are partnering up to teach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is going allow us to go much more in depth with these important topics.

We dove into a new unit focusing on "Life Below Water." Students were asked to think critically about ocean pollution through several pictures. Students described what the pictures were, while also creating a possible narrative for before and after the picture.

They examined four threats that are impacting our oceans and wildlife today. These four threats included ocean acidification, dead zones, overfishing, and waste in our oceans. While all of these are pressing issues, students were tasked to rank them from most to least serious. Students then debated their rankings with evidence based opinions.

After our discussion about the threats that our ocean is facing, it was important to come up with solutions and ways that we can help because we are all change makers and what we do makes a difference. We will continue to build on problem solving and solutions in the weeks to come!

With the first week back from winter break having ended, I'm feeling grateful to be back around the DGS community. I am already feeling so inspired for the year ahead.

With peace,

Ms. Emily

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