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A Birds Eye View

How fitting for us as we are currently learning about birds that we had curriculum day for you to come in and get a 'Birds Eye View of what we do in the classroom'. It was wonderful to see so many of you and give you a peek at some of the materials and how your children use them and the learning that occurs daily in Primary. Hopefully seeing the materials and the children working with them will also help you to understand more when you read their upcoming progress reports!

What an unusual week it was, having a 'bad weather day and a late arrival morning! Added to that were many not feeling well which contributed to an ' off' week! Yet somehow within that week we managed to learn more about birds and their habitats, continue with our exploration of our senses and have a discussion about who Martin Luther King was and what he stood for. One confusing part for our youngest Primary friends was that his last name was 'King'....a last name such as 'King' can constitute much in the mind of a three and four year old! In spite of such confusion, it led us into a discussion about conflict resolution and how we have the power to be peacemakers and how we can influence others to also be peace ambassadors. We discussed how they have learned conflict resolution and how they can go forward and use those skills no matter where they are!!!

On that note, we hope you all have a peaceful long weekend and find some space to honor Dr. Kkng' this weekend.

The Prinary Team

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