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“And Everything Under the Sun is in Tune ~ But the Sun is Eclipsed By the Moon” - Pink Floyd

Q: What do you get when you mix art, math and geometry, geography, science, engineering, research and current events together?  

A: Upper Elementary’s study of the April 8, 2024 eclipse

Grid Drawing - We practiced with a simple cardinal and then moved on to a map of the USA.

We used ratios to enlarge our maps.  We found the area and perimeter. 

We added the path of totality to our maps.

We researched eclipses, how they happen and statistics for Davidson, NC.  This included the start and peak times of the eclipse for our area as well as our eclipse percent.  We also learned about a solar eclipse sonification tool so that the eclipse can be inclusive of those who are visually impaired.

We practiced using our eclipse glasses and enjoyed the day!

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1 Comment

Truly an amazing cross-curricular and authentic study of the Eclipse. The maps came out incredible and I love the thought of how the visually impaired may still get an experience from this event. This was great!

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