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Autumn Activity (Sustainability 9/24)

Candle-crafting with Ms. Kathleen

What better way to mark the Fall Equinox than with a practical and historical winter-prep activity? Our candles may not be necessary to light winter nights, but they are fuel none-the-less, as a core offerring at the Farmer's Market. What's the perfect ratio of beeswax, soywax, and coconut oil? Melting points? Weight of each candle? They're on it. Next week, we'll calculate costs and decide on selling price.

Upper El embodies the Erdkinder spirit. Friday was a gorgeous day to be outside, caring for our farm. We tackled the issue of high nitrates in the aquaponics system by removing some of the water, replacing it with fresh, in hopes of using the power of dilution. We will test again next week to see. In sustainable and circular fashion, we did not waste this water. I'm sure some of you will hear about the hauling of buckets to water the trees planted last spring.

Yearly aquaponic beds cleanout is messy, but important work. These two crushed it.

Re-using (and spray-painting skills) in action. Former recycling bin becoming our drop-off line #5 plastic receptacle.

Lower El and K continue their bee study unit. They took honey-tasting very seriously! Ask whether they preferred our beekeeper's honey or the mountain sourwood honey more. This might lead to a conversation about the details of a bee's life and how the colony operates, so bee prepared. 😜

Happy Fall everyone!

💚 Ms. Paula

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