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Community - Near and Far (UE)

It is wonderful to be back in UE. Our first days have been filled with the usual logistics, starting work and most of all, creating community.

All of DGS gathered for opening circle. We welcomed new and returning friends. In class, we began our mindful practice by thinking of our intentions for the school year. What is one word that we can come back to that will help guide us on our journey. We then turned this into art and the kids had the choice to share and display or keep it personal. Words and phrases included kindness, thoughtful, be yourself, confidence, creativity and curiosity.

UE enjoyed team building with get to know you BINGO. Apparently no one in class has been to the Olympics or in a hot air balloon. Field trip?? 😊 And, we always love a friendly game of 2 Truths & a Lie.

One theme for our year is connecting to others outside of verbal communication. We started a read aloud of Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly. The main character is deaf and we also learn in the beginning of the story about the life of a deaf whale. Next we talked about the arts, specifically how through music, visual art, theater…we can connect. We had a call from Spain, a former exchange student I hosted. She shared with us music and geography of the northern region where she lives In Galicia. She also told us about the three regions of Spain and how they each have their own language in addition to Spanish. We learned how language in the north developed from the history of that area. We listened to Galician music and thought about how it made us feel.

We can’t wait to take our journey of learning this year. We will explore our individual interests and learn and grown as a community.

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