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End of an era....and a new beginning

It was with sadness that we watched some trees disappear on Friday from our playground. It is always sad to watch a tree come down and to ponder on its life, and all that it has provided for us and the environment. At the same time, we look forward with great anticipation to seeing our new classroom develop over the next few months!!!

We celebrated Riki's 4th birthday last week as the month drew to a close and Kika's 6th birthday on Friday to begin a new month. Signs of Fall are all around us and we have been discussing all the changes we are seeing, why those changes are occurring, and who they affect.

We had a great time on Friday morning with music outside, singing and dancing to some of our favorite songs (especially the wiggie, wiggie song), and then we had some fun hunting for geometric solids within the classroom!

The children are working on a song during music with Ms. Kathleen for the variety show next month. This will be a group song and if your child would like to do a separate individual performance they are welcome to do so. Details will follow from Jennifer, this is such a fun event and Primary never disappoint!

Many new seasonal works are on the practical life, sensorial and cultural shelves for the children to experience and enjoy.

Our best.

The Primary Team

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