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Fabulous Field Trip

Well despite a week of illness for some, we managed to have the most incredible field trip yesterday. We spent the day reveling in the pure peace and tranquility that only a place such as Rocky Creek Ranch can evoke!

Our day consisted of play time by the pond on the little sandy beach as everyone arrived, yoga with donkeys while being observed by goats and some super sweet time petting the donkeys (Bridget, Dottie and Rosie) afterwards. We took some time to visit MONARCH butterfly caterpillars in their special greenhouse, some of them were huge! Then we had lunch and before we took off we visited some baby ducklings on our way to the creek. It was a long walk through the woods but it was so worth it! The creek is huge, has tons of large rocks in it and many different water currents and the joy the children found frolicking in the creek was priceless.

We are so grateful to Ms. Kathleen for organizing and leading us on this trip, it was such a magical experience.

I have been having technical difficulties with this blog and apparently the last three weeks worth of my blog have disappeared and not posted. I am unable to post this through my phone any more, so there will not be pictures. However, I will send you all a separate email and try to attach pictures of the field trip that way!

Happy Memorial Weekend.

Ms. Collette & Ms. Judith

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