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Festival of Lights

This week we learned about the Indian festival of Diwali (festival of lights) which began on Thursday November 4th and continues for a total of five days. We first checked out what continent India is in and then looked at the map of the continent of Asia to see where the country of India is located. We learned that this holiday commemorates the victory of the forces of light over darkness. We discovered the traditions that people celebrate in India around this festival and how they decorate their homes to honor this special holiday.

We researched Rangoli Art and found that it is a traditional form of welcoming others and good luck. We created our own version of Rangoli Art using fresh flowers which was both a peaceful, and incredibly good opportunity to practice our fine motor skills as the children pulled petals from the flowers. Everyone embraced this experience and were fascinated by a short 3 minute video we watched of people celebrating this festival in India.

We celebrated Michael’s 4th birthday today!

Please remember to re-fresh your child’s extra clothing in school. They will need a warmer option to change into should they need to.

We will have a box for Ada Jenkins donations at our drop off on Monday and donations can be dropped there through Friday the 12th. If you plan on donating, please check their website to see their greatest needs.

it is hard to believe we are in November already until I look around and see the level of independence the children are exhibiting. They constantly amaze me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

The Primary Team

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