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Global Goals and Food Webs (1/13)

Updated: Jan 14

Middle Schoolers are starting off the second semester of Sustainability by broadening their lens to the Global level. In 2015, the United Nations formulated  "a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future". As citizens of the world, these UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development are worth knowing. Each student will spend the next few class sessions researching a goal, a youth-led organization or initiative addressing that goal, and then will bring it down to the local level by coming up with an action that their family or community can take that relates to that goal. 

Lower Elementary are taking their knowledge of the six biological kingdoms and diving into food chains and webs in the eastern deciduous forest biome (with a nod to other world biomes along the way). Actual chains were constructed and we discovered that the interactions are really more web-like than linear. 

Kindergarten finally got their opportunity to process dried loofah gourds. They all knew these fibrous cylinders were fruits because, after the not-always-easy process of peeling them, they found them full of seeds! They shook out and planted the seeds and when sprouted, we will treat the chickens to a seedling-feast.