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Greetings from the rain forest

We sure got lucky with the weather this week! Somehow the rain mostly bypassed our exploring time so we were able to continue with our adventures. We began our week with a walk in the creek which was surprisingly dry. This enabled us to find lots of treasure along the way. Things like giant acorns, beautiful leaves and seed pods. We brought some of them back to the cottage and after amusing ourselves silly with them we turned them into art. Another day we searched for the perfect sticks to transform into magic wands. This is the season of magical change after all! We also got a special treat from Ms. Paula- we got to meet the catfish in the aquaponic tank! It was so cool watching them appear out of the dark depths, swimming towards lunch. One was so big it actually splashed Evie! After the fish were fed Paula introduced us to the worms making compost. There were so many! We were allowed to pick up one worm which we discovered tickled our hands. We ended our week by going to a different section of the creek and finding black walnuts, which Ms. Kathleen had introduced to us during a nature walk. We would pick one up, throw it down the creek, go find it and throw it again! It was lots of fun and I think they will remember how to identify black walnuts.

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend and I'll see you soon. Hopefully on a sunny day!

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