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Grow and Share - Upper El

Last week, Upper El walked to the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson to deliver our school-grown kale. The kale was grown in the dome using our aquaponics system and harvested by the students of Lower El. Along with Ms. Paula, the kids explained our growing system to the representative from Ada Jenkins. The students were able to tour the center and the Loaves and Fishes Pantry, as well as learn how the non-profit serves our community.

The Ada Jenkins Center has been active in the Davidson community for 24 years. It is housed in an old school from the 1930's which was called "The Colored School". Ada Jenkins was the principal and valued education for all. She encouraged her black and brown friends and neighbors to bring their children to the school.

The Center seeks to assist people with economic stability. They do this by helping with budgeting, after-school homework help for students and food. Loaves and Fishes has a pantry located within the center. It is set up just like a grocery store. People can shop for free with dignity.

If you would like to support the Ada Jenkins Center:

1. Check out their current needs list on their website.

2. Volunteer as a family at the Davidson Community Garden - no reservation required. The food grown in the garden is donated to the Ada Jenkins Center.

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