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Guess who's back, back again? UE Blog, tell a friend! ~ Ms. Shannon

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

This may have been our first full week back at school, but it is certainly not our most recent week of learning. Since mid October, Upper El has been in the classroom, across the state, on the coast, knee-deep in the ocean and math, disguised in costumes, on top of the news, into novels, back in time, and singing along with the Beatles (think - Variety Show).

Last week, memories were made during the Sound to Sea field trip. Students traveled to Pine Knoll Shores on the coast of NC and participated in an environmental education program. They studied barrier island ecosystems and the importance of conservation. Please check out Ms. Kathleen's blog post about this amazing learning adventure.

Literature Circles began this week. Each week, we will meet in small groups to read and discuss our novels. Students prepare for the week with independent reading and written work. We are practicing each role of the Fab Four: Predictor, Questioner, Summarizer and Clarifier. Check out the books we're reading: Wishtree, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library, and Swindle.

If you look around our classroom, you will see lots of math in action. Students are engaged in materials while studying relationships of lines, fractions, word problems, multiplication, division, divisibility rules and more. Concentration using a material, collaborative partner work and a-ha moments abound!

Each day, UE volunteers read to primary students. What a highlight! We’ve read Halloween, fall and Dr. Seuss books. The kids are really proud to have this opportunity.

Students began using the site Newsela to engage with news articles. This week they watched a video, "Turning Poop Into Power" and read an Infographic Cartoon, "Dancing at Sunrise: Life in Mexico's Land of the Artists" - featuring famous Day of the Dead artist from Aguascalientes, José Guadalupe Posada.

Next week, ancient civilization projects wrap up and culminate with class presentations. We will move on to Native American Heritage Month studies and then Into the Light - looking at cultural celebrations from around the world this time of year.


- small/medium pumpkins for a craft project

- Veteran names and addresses - we'd like to write thank you letters

- Brrrrr....dress for cold and outside learning!


11/5 - Big Kid Social (for UE and MS and friends)

11/8 - Mindful Mornings begin (kids should be dressed for cold outside weather)

11/8 - 11/12 - Ada Jenkins Collection

11/11 - Veteran's Day is a school day (if you have a veteran in your family, please let us know and we can send a thank you)

11/12 - Fallstival (costumes ok)

11/18 - Variety Show on the Green

11/22 - Winter Break begins

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