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Happy Holidays

I'm sure you have been seeing the same energy at home as we have this week!!!! Kindergarten had a field trip to see the Nutcracker in Charlotte yesterday and afterwards we went to Famous Toastery for lunch. The Nutcracker was wonderful and the children had so much to share about it today. I have to say their behavior in the theater was impeccable and they also were respectful and well behaved in the restaurant.....what a representation of DGS.

In the forest on Wednesday, the rest of the children were led by Ms. Kathleen on a meditative walk through the woods. She let the children enjoy making tatoos with cold ash and in the afternoon they enjoyed some meditative moments by a fresh fire in the woods.

The works on our shelves have been seasonal and we even made cookies today which were enjoyed by all. A lot of children have been out sick this week and the common thread seems to be cold and coughing and some have had fever. As I was blowing my nose this afternoon, I was joined in blowing by a Kindergartner who promptly informed me that she blew more than me...just another day in Primary 😁. I truly hope that everyone gets time to enjoy the holidays without illness and has many peaceful and sweet moments together.

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have been sharing with us and most of all for the gift of your child each day. We are so lucky to be a part of such a special school and are grateful to you all for appreciating all SGS has to offer.

Happy Holidays to all,

The Primary Team

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