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I'll fly

This week we had some really special visitors. Nora's mom brought her chicks to share with our group for the morning. We learned about the chicken lifecycle and spent some sweet time holding and cuddling the chicks. It was a fun morning of love and observation.

Learning about insects this week, prompted us to listen to our butterfly song which goes through the whole lifecycle of the butterfly. It is such a sweet song and every year we sing it in May and we compare the metamorphosis to what we see happen to the children from the time they enter our primary program at 3 to the end of their Kindergarten year and prepare to fly on to Lower Elementary. It is such a poignant time for us.

We enjoyed the warm weather and spent our time all together in our outdoor classroom. Our new classroom is really coming along, cabinets are installed and the floor is about to be installed also. It is so exciting to take sneak peeks at what is almost ready for us! This morning we talked about what it means to be a good friend, and how important it is for us to let others know how we are feeling. We talked about the fact that we are all different, and all entitled to make our own choices both in play and in work. It is so important for the children to feel comfortable and safe in our environment with us and each other and to be able to voice their concerns to each other and to us. The social, and emotional component of Primary is essentially the most important part of their learning!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

The Primary Team

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