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In Other Loft News ...... World Affairs Council of Charlotte

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

This year, Mr. Derek and I (Miss Patricia) joined the World Affairs Council of Charlotte as educators so that we may participate in their events, learn about our international connections, and engage with other people within the local Charlotte community that share our passion for global issues. These events highlight how our UN SDG cycle at DGS connects with our global and local, real world applications.

It all started when I had the opportunity to attend a couple of their functions in 2022 and early 2023. When my son, Kelly, and I attended the International Women's Day forum in March 2023, I returned to DGS excited about the possibility of our school becoming more involved in the organization. We heard about the challenges for women in leadership and met several incredible women, including a local, Davidson political candidate and a woman that spoke German with my son.

(International Women's Day. Poor Kelly - They cut him off the side of the photo.)

(The speakers at the forum. Excellent local leaders in Charlotte.)

This fall, I have had the pleasure of attending two additional functions - one in September that featured Dr. Nina Ansary, an Iranian American journalist and writer, and one in October featuring Mr. Jonathan Dawley, CEO of KION Group North America.

(Dr. Nina Ansary and me)

Dr. Nina Ansary spends her time researching, advocating, and speaking on behalf of Iranian women. She is an expert on women's rights and gender equality and spoke about the current plight of women in Iran as we led up to the one year anniversary of the arrest and death of Mahsa Amini. Mahsa Amini was held in custody, beaten, and killed by the Iranian morality police because she wore her mandatory hajib incorrectly. I was moved by this event, recognizing my privilege in being able to share the experience through a short discussion afterwards with our DGS students. - Woman, Life, Freedom.

(Me, Jonathan Dawley, and Miss Emily)

Mr. Jonathan Dawley spoke as part of an ongoing CEO series hosted by WACC. As the CEO of KION Group North America, he educated the audience on the future of AI in technology used in manufacturing, logistics, and business analytics. We learned about the shortage in workforce needs, how the ongoing research and application of AI is streamlining their processes, offering safer and more efficient systems for their employees and customers. Miss Emily and I attended the talk to hear Mr. Dawley's presentation and to seek educational engagement with KION Group; the company works diligently to become more environmentally conscious and holistically sustainable through both sourcing of materials and the products they produce for market. We look forward to following KION as they continue their research and development of AI and their sustainable practices overall.


Upcoming..... World Affairs Council of Charlotte graciously extended an invitation to Davidson Green School eighth graders to attend the November event featuring former US Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. We are diligently preparing for the event and look forward to sharing our experience........ :)

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