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Sustainability at a Glance

The past few weeks have been an absolute blast in the world of sustainability. We've been up to all sorts of fun stuff, and I can't wait to spill the beans (or should I say pasta?). Let's skip the recap and dive straight into the good stuff because I've got loads of photos to share! Who doesn't love seeing the kiddos in action?

Engineering has been a wild ride the past few weeks. Students have been crafting cars entirely out of pasta noodles. After weeks of noodle-building, we're gearing up to test these pasta rides for speed, distance, and all the other factors that make them zoom or flop.

But that's not all! Our Lower Elementary gang has been diving deep into Earth Day. From learning why Earth Day is celebrated to sharing what the Earth means to them, these mini projects have been an absolute blast.

Over in Upper Elementary, it's been all hands on deck preparing for our Farmers Market booth. They've been whipping up some cool products. They've done some nature journaling and have most recently tackled adventures at Green River Nature Preserve.

Meanwhile, our Middle School crew has been tackling some big issues. They wrapped up their SDG Unit on Poverty and took their ideas straight to Charlotte. They shared their suggestions at the Charlotte International Cabinet April Meeting, and let me tell you, they blew everyone away. Plus, they got to explore some awesome art around the city and chow down on a fabulous lunch at Optimist Hall.

And let's not forget about our incredible student volunteers! Whether it's helping out at the Farmers Market or Earth Day booths, these kiddos have been absolute superstars.

P.S. We've got one more volunteer opportunity at the Farmers Market this Saturday, May 4th. Swing by and say hi if you're free!

Oh, and did I mention our revamped fire circle space? It's been an absolute hit! The new log seats totally transformed the space, making it the perfect hangout spot for all grades and classes.

Until next time, keep on shining bright and making a difference!

-Ms. Emily

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An "absolute blast" is the right description. So many amazing things happening here!

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