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Sustainability at a Glance

Photo dump from the last few weeks!

We have been working on quite the assortment of activities.

In engineering, Lower Elementary explored heat absorption, the construction of igloos, fairy house making, and pinwheel helicopters. Each activity involved it's own problem that students solved creatively, most of the time trying different solutions.

In sustainability, Lower Elementary jumped into animal classification. They've studied the key characteristics of each animal class, and have most recently began learning about mammals. Students were challenged to find and list as many mammals as they could on the DGS campus. Of course, Oakley was the favorite mammal found, but our rabbits were a close second. We decided we would do a deep dive into rabbits and all the interesting things about them. Students spent some quiet time observing our bunnies, Alice and Poppy. After observation, they enjoyed learning interesting facts through matching card games and bingo.

Upper Elementary has been putting in some serious work to get our garden up and running! Students have been studying seeds and their different needs as well as how to accommodate every plants needs in a contained space. One of my favorite comments from this week was, "I didn't know gardening was so complex Ms. Emily."

Middle school began a new unit! We are currently studying SDG #4, Quality Education. Students are looking into the complexities of providing quality education for all individuals, globally and locally. Students learned key words through a fun, but competitive game of bingo and then used interactive maps to see education trends throughout the globe.

Here are some other fun things going on around school.

We have started our DGS farm days. Farm days are a time where students can come and find different tasks and works that need to be completed in the realm of sustainability and our community.

It is an awesome opportunity for students to get more 1 on 1 time with nature and to connect with activities that may not be done during class. My hope is that farm days will be an opportunity for students to gain independence and self confidence, as well as be a place they can find peace.

We are now collecting batteries for recycling! Lots of surrounding recycling centers are no longer accepting single use batteries, but no need to fear, Staples accepts all batteries!

So far, students have collected and weighed 25 pounds of batteries that we are saving from the landfill! We encourage you to bring your batteries to the office and join in our efforts.

-Ms. Emily

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