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Sustainability at a Glance

This week, I've thoroughly enjoyed the glimpse of spring Mother Nature has given us. This wonderful weather has my heart feeling extra grateful to have amazing outdoor spaces to set up and share with each class.

Lower Elementary participated in seed dissections this week. Students had the opportunity to dissect multiple seeds, to examine similarities and differences between them, as well to try and make sense of how a plant comes out of some very small seeds. Students learned about the main structures and functions of a seed and were able to identify them with the seeds in their hand.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the many parts of plants. To aid our investigation, students wrapped up class this week by planting their own lettuce seed, which they will be using to record observations and findings about plant growth. Hopefully by the end of our plant parts study, they will have a tasty treat to take home and share!

To align with our mindfulness theme of birding, Lower Elementary spent last week creatively designing bird feeders to be placed around school and at home. This week they took their drawings and brought them to life with materials gathered from makers space. We talked about how we were actively participating in sustainability practices by giving products that cannot be traditionally recycled a new life. It was a bonus that these materials will also be giving back to wildlife around us.

As you all know, Upper Elementary has been working hard in preparing our garden. They've been incorporating math lessons into our garden as they measured out square foot grids to help with seed spacing. They also used their math lessons to create planting depth sticks out of Popsicle sticks to make the planting process easier for all.

Since the weather wasn't cooperating with our plans for class, Upper Elementary started seedlings indoors for different varieties of lettuce and kale to incorporate into our garden and our grow towers located on Primary and Upper Elementary decks.

To end the week, Primary friends joined me in doing some spring cleaning of our grower towers. These towers will soon be filled with life thanks to the hard work that they did. I love that they are so curious and are always eager to help out.

Next Saturday, March 16th, we will be back at the Davidson Farmers Market. Many of you have already signed up to participate. I want to encourage you to come even if you are not signed up to volunteer at the booth! I know the kids have enjoyed making products and I am so excited for them to get to share them with our community.

-Ms. Emily

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