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Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day weekend! For those of you going away, have a wonderful getaways are always fun!!! I have only a couple of pictures to share this week....mainly because when we are engaged and excited about the work we are doing....I often forget to take a picture and sometimes it also distracts them from the work at hand. However, lots of work is going on, some of lessons offered to the four year olds this week included the addition strip board, number rods, short bead stairs, cards and counters, letter sounds and the moveable alphabet. Our five year olds are focused on addition, teen numbers, sounds, moveable alphabet and correct letter and number formation. They have also developed quite the passion for sewing! Our three year olds engage mostly in sensorial and practical life choices, all works are age appropriate and some of their works this week were: pouring, scooping, creative writing/drawing, sound boxes, trinomial cube, rough and smooth and the knobbless cylinders. It has been a super productive week and I hope they are as proud of all their works as I am of them.

Our new windows are coming on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend.


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