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LE Science Fair

March started with a great deal of excitement surrounding the Science Fair. At this level in our school, projects are completed at home with the help of grown-ups, and presented at school. To help the children feel a bit more confident, we set up prior to lunch and recess and practiced presenting to each other.

First graders and new to DGS students are always extra nervous, but everyone always pulls things off brilliantly.

Percy's model arrived a bit later, but here he is with his presentation board.

Talking DNA in first grade?! Wowza!

Ellie had not been feeling well, so Axel was brave enough to present for his sister, as well as himself! Luckily, she was feeling well enough later in the day to come present to parents.

Returning students tend to approach things with much more confidence, and independence, and less help from their grown-ups.

Lily's model also arrived later... she tested the melting times of various frozen treats!

... by year 3, they have it down to... well... a "science". Yep, I went there.

Honestly, I think most of what August talked about was even above many adult's heads...

Claira is now officially a "teacher's kid"... which means we barely got photos of her...

But here's one from when she did the experiment at home!

... and Fisher, well... he's clearly got this thing DOWN.

It's fun presenting!

Mr. Derek is a great listener!

Primary kids are a touch more challenging, but Silas has it handled with the multisensory presentation!

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