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Leprechaun Mania

It's been a week of anticipation! Will we trap a leprechaun? Kindergarten worked on Leprechaun traps during engineering and it seems like their have been traps all over the school this week. Leprechauns were being 'blamed' for all kinds of things and some were even writing to them 🤔

What a cool experience we had on Thursday when we noticed the bees were 'swarming'. The bee keeper came and explained why it was a good thing and took most of them off to a new space. The chicks have grown out of their space in the classroom and have moved to the dome....we miss them!

Kindergarten made mini pizzas and they were a great success.

We welcomed two visitors this week, Heidi's little brother Sonny and Davidson who's sisters are in the upper level. The children were very welcoming and sweet to them.

Kindergarten are working hard on time and money. Anytime you can incorporate using cash when they are present is helpful to them.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

The Primary Team

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