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Lessons of the Heart

It was a lovely week in the woods. The heat and humidity of summer is finally relaxing it's grip and autumn has begun to be whispered by the wind. That makes it apple season so we found the apple trees on campus and made a page for our binders. We also read some amazing stories this week! One of them, Maybe Something Beautiful, inspired us to paint a mural of our own. They also got to paint an individual mural they could take home. And of course we did a creek walk, this time going from The Bridge towards The Circle Of Stumps. The water is mostly dried up but it was still an adventure that required us to work together. And I am absolutely blown away by how kind and thoughtful these kids are! Children repeat to others what they hear around them at home and school. They said, "here's my hand", "you are doing great" and "good job". When kindness is a core value like it is at DGS (and your homes as well I'm sure) it becomes as natural as breathing. Another important value at DGS is respect. And I was so proud of the explorers for being able to respect the BIGGEST worm we've ever seen. The urge to pick it up was strong but we looked with our eyes not our hands and then let it go on it's way. These lessons for the heart- kindness and respect- are some of the best parts of this community. I am beyond grateful to be here with so many incredible people! It gives me hope for the future!

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