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Lower Elementary Adventure to Rockmont

This past week, Lower Elementary headed up to the mountains of western North Carolina to Camp Rockmont for their overnight adventure. Not only is this trip an amazing opportunity to build independence and explore the natural world, but it’s also a fantastic community builder. New connections and friendships were made during our time in the mountains - classmates supported each other and cheered each other on!

Our visit to Rockmont included a beautiful trail ride with horses, learning how to mindfully groom horses, waterfront fun and challenges, and a mountain hike. Challenging edges is one of the ways that we support our children's growth as well. The waterfront offers fun and exciting ways to stretch and grow their comfort zone and confidence. Some of the favorite “challenges” are the gully washer, climbing spider web, and high dive. As always, it is "challenge by choice," so the first year, it might be watching, but when they come back the following year, it is usually game on!

One element of this trip that is my personal favorite is taking students on a hike up the mountain. Rhododendron thickets, pioneer cabin, medicinal plants, and mica…are all magical parts of this outing.

I thought it would be fun to include some quotes from parent chaperones:

“I am completely blown away by the level of mindfulness skills LE has already mastered. Whether it was their ability to not be overly reactive during their first experience riding a horse, keeping an open mind and open heart as others shared raw emotions during a circle, or being completely still and quietly reflecting on the mountain in their journals, their ability to be fully present within a community was profound and truly a gift to see in action. 

Thank you DGS and Ms. Kathleen!” 

“It was really awesome to watch the kids conquer their fears on the high dive and for those who were hesitant, to jump. They had a support group encouraging and helping them face it.”

“I am so grateful to have had the chance to witness these children facing challenges and deciding for themselves what they wanted to try and what didn’t feel right. Learning to trust your inner intuition is something that even adults struggle with but it brings me so much joy knowing these kids are in an environment to help them develop that skill.”

“It was great to get to know some of the other mums and dads a little better and seeing the kiddos in such a fun and nurturing environment!”

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