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Lower Elementary February 16-20

Thanks to everyone who supported our projects at the Art Auction. We appreciate your donations and bids which will help DGS continue our mission and growth going forward.

Lower Elementary

Davidson Green School

February 20, 2020

Lower Elementary explored weaving on many types of looms for our individual projects. We chose to continue weaving for our class project using a large loom where each student contributed. They decided the colors and materials using a wide variety of fibers, cloth, string and other materials to weave an awesome wall hanging. With a “creative invitation” each day they worked for 5 weeks. Using their creativity and imagination, there was a daily flow of peaceful meditation, good karma, love and peace woven into this beautiful work.

We are so proud of our completed weaving for the Art Auction. It is beautiful!

We traced our hands onto burlap to make a backing for our weaving. These are the "weaving hands" that created an awesome piece of art.

Lower Elementary Science Fair Projects were impressive. We learned many interesting things as students shared with one another and with parents who visited our class.

I look forward to conferences next week to share observations, growth and progress of each student. Our year is moving along quickly and we have many things to celebrate and explore over the next few months. Thank you for the positive feedback and support for our work together.

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