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Lower Elementary January 25-29: 100 Days of School!

We had a very fun and productive week in Lower Elementary!

The highlight of our week was celebrating 100 days of school on January 28th! Thank you to the parents who generously sent in yummy and healthy snacks. The children really enjoyed themselves and it was great to see them socializing and snacking together. “Best Day Ever!” was the quote of the day. Check your emails for a cute video I sent of them sharing their 100 bags. Ms. Paula designed some new sewing lessons and the children were so excited to be allowed to sew this morning. Their projects are diligent and creative. Science Fair boards and packets went home today along with home and school bags. Please let us know if you need more support with science fair work. This project is meant to spark curiosity, not spark stress. In joy and love,

Ms Erin and Ms Paula

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