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Market-ing, 5/12

It's been a wonderful market season - I hope all of you have been out at least once to the Davidson Farmers Market to interact with our young farmers, crafters, and sales-kids.

There is no substitute for the long-term, multi-part, and hands-dirty commitment that it takes to create a loofah scrubbie or a medicinal (boo-boo) balm from scratch. There is so much learning and love in the tableful of goodness your children offer to the local community!

In our lives, full of abundance, it is actually quite difficult to stay in touch with the real resources, sweat, and talent that goes into the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and all that brings comfort to our lives. Creating something from true scratch can help that. Not only is it incredibly satisfying and a source of pride, it is also an opportunity for compassion and perspective.

It's not too late to see the market in action - our last market of the year will be May 20th. There are spots available for your child to participate, in all three shifts . Just follow the link

And we would love to see you as a customer, scooping up some of the fruits of their learning, as well!

Enjoy following along in Sustainability class through these photos. 😁

Middle School getting into the C & N cycle. And set-building from Makers space materials.

Upper El preparing for market, taking care of farm business, and chick observation.

Lower El harvesting and drying herbs, market prep, flower dissection and comparisons, and honoring our departed catfish.

Kindergarten got into some market prep, bulb planting, and a flower study.

Enjoy this season of growth and soak up some sunshine!

💚 Ms. Paula

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