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This past week we argued, debated, explored, researched, read, discussed, and learned. Whew! What a week!

In HISTORY, groups to argued whether an imaginary, long lost, Neanderthal tribe should be honored under the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Both sides had strong feelings, some more adamant than others. However, in thinking through this guiding question, we all explored the facets of how we are defined as humans and what rights should be honored. We talked about how we evolved and where early man originated. We read all of the articles defining rights by the UN. This will lead us into further discovery on early man and what we know about our ancestors.

In ENGLISH, students learned to diagram simple sentences, making flashcards for the parts of speech needed - nouns, verbs, articles, and adjectives. We will review what we've learned so far this coming week before jumping into direct objects and prepositions.

Additionally, students are to be reading their small group novels and preparing for our weekly circle discussions. Each student has a specific job for their preparation. Please see Google Classroom.

In WHOLE GROUP, students continued to research destinations for the ELFT trip tentatively scheduled for March 2023. Upcoming projects entail fundraising events, such as a bake sale and babysitting. Please mark October 21 and November 11 on your calendars for volunteering. Students will need to be present for these fundraisers.

Finally, we attended an incredible field trip, visiting both the Columbia Museum of Art and Kirkland Smith's assemblage studio. The museum experience has been written up in the field trip blogs, but I must say, it truly was a magnificent and unique experience. Kudos to the museum for allowing us full access to the gallery event - this was something special just for us!

Kirkland's studio enchanted and piqued our best curiosity; she gave us a tour of several artists' studios in the gallery and then granted our students entrance into her own. They saw her work, completed and in progress, up close, touching the many materials that are used in assemblage art. We are inspired to create our own piece and I can't wait to see what the students dream up for the art auction!



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