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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Parents and community supporters, our Variety Show Bake Sale was a huge success because of you! The abundant donation of time and skill by the families that sent in baked goodies was overwhelming. The financial support from our school community as contribution to our middle school trip was record breaking. Y'all. THANK YOU. We know you did not have to do anything, and yet your generosity carried the whole event.

After a hectic week preparing and performing for the Variety Show, middle school is switching gears. We continue to have exciting projects and events on the horizon; our upcoming happenings include the Art Auction and further research for both the ELFT and the Passion Problem Project.

For the ART AUCTION, we must create an assemblage piece from recycled plastics and broken bits. Emma Rowe designed the image, and the class continues to participate in the artistic process. We look forward to revealing our final work to the DGS community.

In researching and planning the ELFT, we continue to discuss possible activities and accommodations, as well as additional fundraising opportunities. Because of our hectic fall schedule, we have decided to cancel the babysitting event in November. We will keep you updated!

This week students begin planning their PASSION PROBLEM PROJECT in earnest. Middle schoolers reflected on possible interests at the beginning of the year. We paused to accomplish other projects and now are revisiting the challenge. The pause has caused many students to rethink their ideas and reflect on more meaningful long-term possibilities.

In ENGLISH, students are continuing with novel studies. We are nearing the end of our books and look forward to deeper discussion as we review the stories.

In HISTORY, everyone was divided into teams and asked to collaborate in a debate preparation. The positions:

  • Culture IS a product of collective learning.

  • Culture IS NOT a product of collective learning.

We have briefly discussed the importance of not only preparing an argument of support, but of also preparing for the possible argument of the opposing team. This week will prove passionate and engaging, I am sure!

(Pictures were struggling to upload, so I will try again soon!)

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