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As our break winds to an end, it is the perfect time to look back and reflect on all we accomplished in leading up to our Thanksgiving Break.


Everyone read a short story, The Medicine Bag," by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. We completed four stations: 1. mapping the location of the Lakota Sioux tribe, the Rosebud Reservation, and current states that also occupy that same land, 2. creating our own paper medicine bags with drawings of personal, small symbolic objects, 3. critical thinking questions for later discussion, and 4. the comparison of dynamic and static characters in literature. When we return to school, we will listen to the story read aloud for review and end with our discussion.


We finished our study of Congress and took a test. The most exciting part of the mini unit study has definitely been watching the map of the mid-term elections go red and blue and then discussing its representation.

For our ELFT:

Students discussed activities and learning opportunities that they could plan for Savannah. Miss Kathleen visited and challenged them to come up with more ideas so that we are overwhelmed with possibility.

For planning purposes, the dates of the trip are set to MAY 8-12, 2023. Please mark your calendars as we start to make more concrete plans.

For the Passion Problem Project:

We visited the local library and enjoyed a lunch out at Carburritos. Such fun! The librarian gave us an informative and useful walk about within the digital archives and resources available to us as patrons of the CMPL. It is impressive what they offer us! Most students checked out books and completed lots of useful research. We will hopefully go back one more time before break. If your child checked out books on that trip, they are due back December 8, 2022.

Our community meal together before our break for the holidays. The whole school sat together the eat and visit. The weather cooperated and it was absolutely lovely.

Michael loaded down for our walk back from the library. Their bags weighed significantly more after our visit!

Our festive Winter Solstice lighting....

I look forward to seeing everyone in the coming weeks!



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