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Middle School ELA/SS

What a great start to the year we have had. Students are working hard building relationships with their peers and learning our classrooom environment. We had the opporutnity to do some community building last week at the Kaplan's house, which was really fun. We kicked off the second week of school with a service project at Rocky Creek Ranch in Statesville.

In ELA we jumped right into a descriptive writing unit focusing on the strategies writer's use to engage readers. Students are learning to identify and create figurative langauge devices in their writing, identify and use strong diction, and understand the function that certain parts of speech have in supporting strong writer's craft. We also started our first read aloud of the year, Out Of My Mind, by Sharon Draper. This is a wonderful story about inclusion and celebrating differences.

This week we began our first social studies unit with an introduction to our Big History Project curriculum. By the end of this introductory unit students will have a working understanding of important terminology used in our curriculum, how to navigate the Big History Project website, and the strategies we will be using to support non-fiction reading.

Our classroom! Beautiful both inside and out!

Hanging with our feathery neighbor. He visits our classroom every day!

Kicking off our social studies unit up on our feet learning about "thresholds of increasing complexity."

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