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Middle School Science - Wk 5

This week, our middle school engineers took aim at a convoluted, contrived design dilemma. They were required to deliver a payload of 7 gummy bears across a 25 foot expanse, landing in a safe zone in the upright position. The teams attacked this problem-based scenario in unique and creative ways, some designing projectiles and others building elaborate zipline gondolas. While the goal was the safe delivery of the occupants, the actual POINT was a combination of inter-group communication and the testing and revision of ideas. While not every group had a flawless demonstration run, they all showcased brilliant approaches to solving the problem. We’ll reflect more on this next week.

We also took time to focus on the Global Climate Strike, in which our school took part this afternoon. We learned about teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg and discussed both the demands of organizations advocating for climate strikes and the ways in which the strikes could influence positive change. The middle schoolers were brilliant as buddies to their younger counterparts during the march and stepped up in leading chants and cheers throughout. If they have no voice this weekend, I suppose it’s a small price to pay for revolution.

Many thanks to Anderson for his wonderful masterclass on the government/philosophy/religion of Floofalism. It was by far the floofiest masterclass of the year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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