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Hello Dear Middle School Families,

The past two weeks, including the curriculum Zoom nights, the progress report preparations, and the parent conferences, have seemed a bit hectic at times and yet, truly enjoyable. It was incredibly helpful to be able to communicate with all of you, and I very much appreciate your willingness to attend all of the meetings and to read all of our updates. This is my first school where I have had so much built-in opportunity for connection with families, and I welcome it as a teacher. I hope it was also a positive experience for your families.

In ENGLISH: Students have received new novels and completed one cycle of reading circles. They have new reading due this coming Tuesday, January 31, when we will discuss the next section of each book.

Sixth grade is reading Out of My Mind, by Sharon Draper.

Seventh and eighth grades are reading The Giver, by Louis Lowry.

They each address engaging themes and provide ample opportunity for reflection, including deeper discussions on community and self.

In HISTORY: Students finished Threshold 6 - Early Man - and completed a test. They are currently pausing in the timeline to address Black History Month while learning how to distinguish legitimate sources and information bias. Our upcoming field trip to view the Smithsonian exhibit, Men of Change: Power, Triumph, Truth, will introduce us to Black men that have contributed to our American culture and have shown excellence in their field. Each man highlighted also has an artist that has produced a work related to their contribution. The exhibit is currently on display at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts and Culture and the Levine Museum of the New South. In preparation, each middle school student must research two of the men and create a "BIO in 5 WORDS," which they will share with their classmates before we go. Afterwards, we shall reflect on our experience; I look forward to walking through this learning journey with them.

For PPP: Students are finishing rough drafts of the written portion of their projects over the next two weeks. Sixth grade will navigate the revision and editing process and turn in final papers before February break. Seventh and eighth grades will also navigate the revision and editing process, with an end goal of reaching out to local professionals in their field by February break. Interviews, shadowing, and community service will be completed March - May.

For the ELFT: Students have created a fundraising schedule and are currently ready to reserve a rental house for our week in Savannah. Plans are coming along!

February 15th - Pizza lunch fundraiser

March 8th - Pizza lunch fundraiser

March 17th - Babysitting event

March 31st - Literary Tea (Bake Sale!)

April 5th - Pizza lunch fundraiser

April 21st - Spring Show (Bake Sale!)

May 8-12th ELFT!!!!!!

May 19th - Babysitting event

A few pictures from earlier today:)

Until next time......



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