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MS Sci & Engineering 3/3

Had a fun week in Science class. We have been working on plate tectonics and the Earth's interior structure for the past several weeks. Just before the break we used graham crackers and icing to explore the boundaries and motions through which the plates interact. We kept it rolling with a slightly healthier extension this week, using orange peels to create 3-d Earth models to look at the interaction/interdependence of faults around the world.

On Thursday, we enjoyed a trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Between the Squeal Wheel, Ship the Chip, and Kite projects, we have gathered a lot of practical knowledge when it comes to forces, motion, collisions, and aerodynamics. Pretty much all of this content was referenced as we took in an experience in developing rubber-band powered vehicles. Next, we hopped into the simulators and raced each other around the virtual track at Las Vegas Speedway. The kids were quick studies when it came to driving (thanks, Mariokart), but I'm glad they've all got some time before they can test for their licenses. ;)

The surprise highlight of the trip was the Pit Crew Challenge. Groups of students raced each other to change tires and fill cars with gas. It was pretty cool to see them elevate the process to a science and work together to be as efficient as possible.

Next week, we will be doing a lab on Monday which will deal with rigidity, resilience, and types of deformation. The class will have a test on Wednesday, so we will take additional time on Monday to review. Have a great weekend!

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