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MS Sci & Engineering: Go Fly a Kite!

Fun times in the MS classroom again this week. Although a number of our students were out sick throughout the week, those who could be here dove into their kite projects which were demonstrated on Friday to high-altitude results. We had a diverse selection of creative kite models, and the students really got into the reflective trial-and-error process endemic to engineering so as to create an ideal design. In addition to the kites, they were responsible for a written reflection piece and a detailed design plan. We simultaneously continued to learn about air pressure and wind, completing a lab on the uneven heating properties of soil and water and taking our first quiz of the year. (Students will have a chance to correct these and resubmit them on Tuesday.) Next week, we will finish up with air pressure with a related problem-based challenge. We’ll also get back into our Lego Mindstorms, completing our robotic rovers and exploring the basics of the EV3 coding.

Here are a few pics of our kite testing this afternoon! (Apologies to Fallon - in the only decent pics of the “Rainbow Ripper”, she was out of frame. :(

Have a great weekend!

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