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MS Science & Engineering - 1/31

We had a lovely end to January in the MS class this week. I think everyone enjoyed our trip uptown. Akeelah and the Bee was a delight, as were the diverse food options at the Public Market.

Science-wise, we were able to demonstrate our Squeal Wheels outside on the blacktop which led to some interesting results. The students calculated the angular momentum of their wheels based on their radii, velocity during the test, and mass, which they then compared with the class averages. They incorporated this info into their written reflections.

We are in Science Fair “crunch time” now. All students should have finished the experimental phase, as well as registration and most of the uploaded forms for the fair. We reviewed writing abstracts and conclusions, both of which are due next week. We will also be jumping into our display board planning and construction, and are looking forward to our DGS fair event on 2/18. (we hope you’ll join us!)

Canon brought in his lovely bunny, Houdini, which he shared with the class during a master class on Monday. Our super-secret Art Auction pieces are progressing nicely, and we look forward to presenting them to you at the event on 2/20!

Have a great weekend, and remember that Monday 2/3 is a teacher workday.

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