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MS Science & Engineering 10/4

Happy Tuesday, errbody!

I hope you all stayed safe and dry last weekend.

Thanks to those of you who were able to make last Thursday's Back to School Night. Major topics included a general curriculum overview, grading and assignment protocol, a discussion of upcoming events (including class trips/ELFT, Art Auction - 11/4, Variety Show - 10/21, and Science Fair - 2/16), as well as the middle school's "Passion Problem Project". If you missed it, or if you happen to need more detailed info on any point raised, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Last week, the kids showed off their kite projects. We walked over to McEver Field and ran around like crazy (due to a dearth of wind). We had some really successful designs, regardless. The written reflections (which essentially always accompany a project like this) were also quite strong, making for a very solid first essay into our MS engineering projects. On Wednesday, we also spent time discussing the formation, classification, and effects of hurricanes, as this was both immediately relevant AND directly tied to our curriculum.

This is another abbreviated week. Yesterday, we took some time reviewing for our test next Monday on Wind, Weather, and Atmosphere. That will conclude our focus on that content area, and we'll be jumping into another exciting design challenge. Meanwhile, we will be using a part of our Sci time over the next two weeks to prepare for our group variety show number, which promises to be... well, SOMETHING.

Have a great week!

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