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MS Science & Engineering 2/12

Greetings all!

We are in full-go mode as we approach this week's Science Fair event at DGS! The class has worked hard throughout each stage of this process, developing projects using the Scientific Method to explore topics which appeal to them. This week, they will put the finishing touches on their display boards, and take some time to preview them with the upper elementary class.

The actual event is at DGS on Thursday at 1:30p. We would love for our whole school community to attend. The fair represents a great chance to interact with and encourage our student body, AND to check out our updated campus during the school day! You are welcome to sign your student out after touring the LE, UE, and MS displays.

Along with the Science Fair, we have been pushing ahead into our newest content area - the geosphere! This has begun with an examination f the Earth's interior. We have learned that through the study of rock samples and seismic waves, scientists are able to deduce that our planet is composed of layers with distinct properties and densities. As we progress, we will learn about how the continental plates slide over the Earth's mantle due to convection, spreading, and subduction, and about how the different types of boundaries and faults result in new landforms and seismic activity.

Looking ahead after the break, the MS will be enjoying a trip to the NASCAR Hall Of Fame on 3/2. This will correlate with our previous study of force, motion, impulse, collision, and angular momentum (and it should just be really fun, too). Please check the website to fill out the permission slip ASAP.

Thanks, and we hope to see you Thursday!

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