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Observation & Rumination (with Mr. D)

** me being (trying to be) contemplative...

There may not be anything more to the core of what makes Davidson Green School work, what makes our teachers so incredible, and what makes our students grow and develop into the amazing humans they are than the active choice we’ve all made to be observers. You can’t “follow the child” without being an impeccable observer. We keep our wonder for life and learning through our unique observations. Our families are here, and remain here, because they observe the mission of DGS happening—our students in nature, getting dirty, challenging themselves, exploring, excelling in their subjects, loving learning, growing emotional maturity, and being guided and nurtured with love and grace by their teachers. As I’ve stepped into my new position here at DGS, I am afforded a new vantage point from which to observe the goings-on at our school, our teachers, our students, and our wider community. And with this new vantage point, I’d like to share with you some of the things I see this year through a blog post about once a month. Things that you may not hear about from your students, that you may not read about in our classroom blogs. There is so much happening here that makes this school so special—each piece of the puzzle so well thought out—that we may take some details for granted or completely overlook them... unless we observe closely.

At our faculty meeting last week, we shared observations of moments that spoke to the heart of DGS. Who are we, and what moments could everyone recall that reflected that answer? One story was how, during a conference, a parent became noticeably more at ease when they realized our teacher truly “saw” their child. We know what it’s like to be truly seen by someone, and knowing your student is receiving that level of attention would leave any parent or guardian with a sense of peace. Observation is a powerful tool. It’s more than just for learning and gathering information, but for demonstrating care—genuine care. I know our students feel it, which is why they are so comfortable here. There were several more stories shared at our meeting. Each one was just as smile-worthy as the one before it. The next day, thinking back to all those stories, it struck me how lucky we are to be a part of this place, where we get to witness—observe—so many beautiful moments on a daily basis. It’s most certainly an ingredient for happiness.

And so, I invite you to join me this year in observing and witnessing the magic inside, and spiraling out from, Davidson Green School. Also, don’t forget to read our weekly classroom blogs for so much more goodness!

Until next time, Derek

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