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Our Week In Review (11/18 - 11/22)

This week in Social Studies we continued our unit on Early Man. We paid specific attention to the idea of collective learning and how this concept impacted the evolution of technology and culture during the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages and how it still impacts our evolution as a species. We continued our investigation of identifying and crafting claim statements and the ways in which we acknowledge and support claims. Students practiced this by engaging with a close reading of a text about collective learning.

In ELA we have almost (but not quite) completed our Memoir unit. This week students continued or completed personal memoirs or narratives. We continued to analyze the role that descriptive language plays in writing craft and the distinction between revising and editing.

On Monday we had our last class at the Creative Casual and students finished their final abstract project focused on the novels we read in the first trimester. We wrapped our week with "Hibernation Day" middle school style. Thanks to the families who sent in treats to share. We had a great day and it was a wonderful way to wrap up the week before Fall Break. I hope you all have a lovely and relaxing week, enjoying time spent with family and friends.

MIddle school students work together to analyze different support for a claim.

Hibernation Day fun!!!

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