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Primary week 10/12 - 10/16

Continuing with our study of the body this week, the younger children worked on putting a skeleton together and a booklet on parts of the body. The older children have been making booklets on parts of the skeleton. All children have been learning about the senses and trying to isolate our senses when we can, thinking about how many senses we use when we do different things.

New works on the shelves included a sense sorting work, skeleton parts and many pumpkin related practical life works.

Children are now moving freely in and out of the classroom and all are wearing masks.

Kindergarten have been working on the solar system, so far, we have learned a little about Mercury, Venus, and Earth.

Some of the works chosen this week were pumpkin spooning, pumpkin painting, Indian corn tweezing, constructive triangles, patterns, sorting, red rods, pink tower, broad stairs, and sound cylinders. Metal insets, short bead stairs, seed and tree booklets, and many more works were also completed this week.

Picture day passed without a hitch and I am sure the pictures will be beautiful; the fall setting is always lovely for such delightful subjects!

Included in the pictures this week is a picture of the children spinning off Mr. Ed’s engineering class. During engineering they created zip lines implementing what they learned about gravity. They took a piece of rope and measured the distance between many trees in the woods until they found one that worked for their rope. Then they created a zipline for fairies…. such collaboration and imagination!!!

I will be sending out an email in the next week about Halloween which will (like everything else) be a little different this year but also fun.

Have a great weekend.

Ms. Collette, Ms. Judith & Ms. Belkis

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