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Primary week of 11/9-11/13

What an interesting week it was with the weather!!! Primary has enjoyed practicing for the variety show and had a busy week working, decorating a tree in the forest, and much more! A couple of our Kindergarten students have begun working on multiplication and all of Kindergarten are working on their maps of North America!

Our focus this week was 'who we are', 'where do we fit in' and all are included. We had discussions about why we do things such as have a line leader, keep our space in line, listen to everyone, why everyone gets a turn and how to embrace each other. We discussed the fact that EVERYONE COUNTS, EVERYONE'S OPINION MATTERS AND EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT, hence the reason for all of these jobs such as line leader etc. Respecting the fact that some of us are bigger, faster and more eager to do these jobs and yet we are all equally important, from the youngest to the oldest, the quietest to the loudest and the fastest to the slowest...everyone counts and everyone matters!!! Even the green bag is important, it teaches patience in a world of immediate gratification, waiting for a lesson or another child to complete a lesson so another child can have a turn, these are the lessons that help our children become future leaders and humanitarians. So privileged to be a part of this experience with your children.

Since we are now using the dome, if you would like to send in a second pair of slippers for your child to keep in the dome, feel free to do so. Next week we will work on a special Thanksgiving craft, should be fun!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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