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Primary week of 2/10/20

Primary were busy this week welcoming the new additions to DGS, two beautiful bunnies and two new chickens in our coop in the woods. We are so lucky to have exposure to these sweethearts, they bring peace and joy to our group.

Sewing projects are complete!!!! The children have worked so hard on these projects and I cannot wait for you to see them, they are by far the sweetest things I have ever seen children create.....priceless. They are almost finished with the group project which Ms. Belkis has worked tirelessly on with them and it is quite the creation. So looking forward to seeing you all there.

If anyone is in need of a babysitter, I have a 16 year old who can now drive and is available anytime....I will pass along her info to you if you are in need of a sitter.

Baby washing is back and in big demand as are our sewing works. Kindergarten are busy working their way through all of the multiplication works but I won't give too much away as we have conferences coming up in a couple of weeks.

Valentines Day was fun, they get so excited about their Valentines!

Have a wonderful week, pictures will be attached...if it works.

My best.


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