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Primary week of 9/7/20

Our new windows were installed on Tuesday and they are wonderful. Our classroom is so much more airy and brighter because of them! When I saw Jennifer’s email about conferences, it amazed me that we are already approaching that point. However, when I think of where we are in terms of normalizing, it makes sense. The children are really feeing comfortable in their spaces and have settled into their ‘routine’. Kindergarteners are taking on the role of ‘role models’ and are working hard. They have really been enjoying their sewing project and ask to do it every afternoon and if they are finished with their other works...they sew! It is wonderful hand work, involves a lot of concentration and coordination and is very relaxing!

We are beginning to learn about the human body and have been talking this week about the ‘skeleton inside us’.

We have noticed the children exploring with sink and float in our outside sensory tables and in the canoe down in the woods after it rains. It is always wonderful to see self directed discovery. Mind you, some of our Kindergarten friends were building a ‘fire’ with twigs and little friend even promised to bring a ‘starter log’ to start the process until his adventurous spirit was re-directed to trying this exploratory work at home with adult permission and supervision.😋 The fire building continues despite the re-direction.

We continue to work on classroom appropriate voices particularly with our 3 and 4 year olds, but even our Kindergarten friends have to be reminded at times. This is something you can support us with at home, also helping your child to be as independent as possible.

I am so looking forward to talking with you all during conferences and if you have a moment to sign up in the next few days, please do so. I will send a short report home of things we have worked on up to that point and I would love for you to think about what you would like to share with us about your child and your hopes for them this year!

Kindergarten have such a fun learning experience during engineering with Mr. Ed every week as you can see in the pictures.

Have a great weekend.

Ms. Collette, Ms. Judith & Ms. Belkis

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